Co to jest Energia Manifestacji Miłości

The Energy of Manifestation of Love will make you meet only those people with whom your knowledge serves Your Good to the Supreme. barriers and the blockades on the way to love will be overcome. Negative beliefs that inhibit finding the right person will be removed.

Oferta w skrócie

I offer monthly (30 days) long-distance healing therapy – we do not have to meet to send healing energies to you. Monthly Healing Therapy can be repeated without restrictions. Payment 25$ for a month’s therapy – 25$ for the whole (30 days). I send all kinds of energy to every healed person (healing, cleansing, protecting, healing finances, etc.).

Offer details

I offer:

1. Reiki and Karuna Ki healing
2. Clearing:
– chakra and aura clearing
– from less than Love cords
– from anger, rage, resentment, anxiety and fear
– from hooks beings and influences
– from thought forms, psychic vampires, psychic hoover, psychic attack, psychic attachment, geopathic stress, psychic penetration
3. Protection:
– from negative cords
– from psychic vampires
– chakra and aura protection from negative energies
4. Healing money problems
5. Manifesting Love (if you want that healing)

By using Healing energy, you will achieve peace of mind, relax, forget about problems, and even help you solve them.

About me

I am Reiki Grand Master (level 18), Master of Archangelic Seichim, Master of Karuna Ki, Master of Kundalini Reiki, Master of Violet Flame, Master of Negative Entities Clearing Reiki, Master of Etheric Clearing Reiki, Master of Ahara Isis Reiki, Master Of Chakra Key 1 and 2, Master of Etheric Cord Shield, Grand Master of Money Reiki, Master of Abundance Reiki, Master of Abundantia Reiki, Master of Manifesting Love.